Everyone shouts BWWWAAH to cheer our friends rodents!

You recognized them, the wildest and most stupid rabbits from all over the planet and even (possibly) the galaxy have landed on the planet Freegun.

But what do they do with us?
Although at first sight these little rabbits look so sweet, you must ABSOLUTELY be wary … Indeed, hardly have they crossed your path that completely bwaranormal phenomena will occur.
In Raving Rabbids nothing is logical, unlike human beings and all living beings alike, Raving Rabbids work in reverse. The more it’s illogical, illegal, dangerous and crazy and the more they will run to do it. So as mentioned just above, be careful as they are everywhere!

Speaking of everywhere, this is the case! And always where you don’t expect them … In the shower, in your garden, at the wheel of a rocket, on a soccer field and even on your boxers!
But don’t fight. Above all don’t fight. They are so stupid that they will take your annoyances for sympathy and think you want to play with them. They will never stop screaming BWAAAH all the time and they will follow you from everywhere. On the bus, at the school, at the table … You will not have the right to any respite.

To live in peace with the Rabbids is nothing simpler, they must be adopted. Even if these rabbit fools come to stick on one of your boxers, let them do, they will leave well one day ..
And then, we agree, they are perhaps crazy, stupid, dangerous and cretins we love them anyway!

Those who love the Raving Rabbids, you only have to take the first plane for Quebec! Indeed, it’s in the city of Pointe-Claire that our favorite rodents open their doors to you. Their « house » is called the center of the Raving Rabbids, there, you will undoubtedly spend a day completely crazy.
Technology, humor and of course fun are at the heart of this park where you will experience moments of sheer madness!

Go ahead and go with a Raving Rabbids boxer (believe our experience you will be much more welcome …).