On the occasion of the release of a whole range of boxers dedicated to the Pokémon, we propose you to tell you about their adventures and to retrace their journey in order to understand, at best their success.

Let us begin at the beginning. It was in 1990 that the first Pokémon were born. It was also under the name of Red Pokémon and Green Pokémon that they began to invade our Game Boy.
It’s been more than 20 years since the Pokémon evolve, grow, escape and get caught! With these data we are better aware of the journey made by these little monsters and it can be said that success has been and is always with the appointment.

Speaking of success, Pokémon is the game that has made the most sales in the history of video games. Yes, with more than 260 million games sold in the world, Pokemon is still the king of the game! (The Pokémon Company 2014)

Beyond the video game, Pokémon is a true community that unites millions and millions of fans around the world. Derivatives have therefore very quickly emerged to meet the growing demand of these consumers. There have been and still are products derived from these little monsters. But what is the best selling product in the world? You will doubt it, these are of course the famous Pokémon cards with which one played (or still play) in the playground! More than 21 billion cards have been sold worldwide and the number keeps growing since all generations like the card game.

But how can children know the Pokémon, beyond the video game? By TV, of course! With its appearance in 1990, like the video games, the TV series obtained a real success with young viewers and in 2001, it remains the favorite cartoon of the children.
The series features the adventures of the young trainer, Sacha who is always at the side of his best friend and best ally, Pickachu. Both trail the world in search of new Pokémon. And as in any self-respecting story there are the Gentiles, in this case Sacha and the Pickachu Pokémon and the naughty: the Rocket team, made up of Jessie, James and the Pokémon Miaouss who is endowed with the word. This team is trying to steal the Sacha Pokémon, of course they never get there and always end up sending back to the other end of the earth shouting a great « once again Team Rocket is flying towards other heavens! « 

Finally and more recently, we could see a real craze for the brand new Pokémon game adapted to the smartphone format. This famous application called Pokémon Go, allows anyone with a smartphone to capture the Pokémon it encounters on its way. And speaking of road, the game was built all around a GPS system, allowing the player to spot and follow a real path in order to capture virtual characters. The application also uses the camera of the phone in order to make appear in the middle of the screen a small monster while the rest of the display is what one sees in the real life. In short, the app has been downloaded more than 75 million times around the world. We can therefore say that Pokémon never ceases to enlarge its community and never ceases to please the small as well as the great!

Today, Freegun offers to capture your favorite Pokémon live on your boxers. The famous boxers will accompany you throughout the day to guarantee you a total immersion in the world of small monsters.

So, get ready and « catch them all »!