Who hasn’t dreamed of being a superhero?

Today we propose you to put yourself in the skin of the superhero and not just any one …. The legendary Spider man!

The story tells about Peter Parker who is the only son of Richard and Mary Parker. His parents are killed while working under cover for the government. Peter Parker, orphan at the age of six, was entrusted to his uncle and aunt Benjamin and May Parker. One day, following an experiment he attended, he was bitten by a radioactive spider. This bite gives him super powers: extraordinary strength and agility, the ability to adhere to the walls and a « spider sense » warning him of important dangers.

At first, Peter Parker will take advantage of his newly acquired powers to earn money. But soon, a drama will change his life: he will let a thief escape whereas he could very easily stop him, pretending that it’s not his problem. Shortly after, his uncle was killed by a burglar. In anger, he launches in pursuit of the murderer who, once arrested, turns out to be the thief he had just met...

From that moment on, it will start to fight against the crime and kip track of his late uncle: A great power implies great responsibilities. It’s thanks to this history that Spiderman is the favorite hero of children and adults and that for generations!

Today it launches its spider web on your boxers! Dad and son can put himself in the skin of a superhero. Don’t forget that superhero never stops, it also weaves its spider web on your Freegun caps!

Red, blue and black: the timeless colors, invented and dedicated to Spiderman costume are found on all your Freegun products.