The Marvel heroes are back and team up to offer you the strongest of all boxers!

As one can read on comics or watch it in movies and TV, the Marvel team is always stronger and smarter when it’s reunited.
That’s why Freegun offers you an entire collection of boxers to the effigy of your favorite heroes.
From Captain America, through Thor, Hulk or Iron Man, the Marvels will be there to protect you and follow you throughout the day.

We have seen, beyond showing us their supernatural forces, their power of protection and other superhuman abilities, some Marvel characters make us laugh.
First of all, we got to know Iron Man, played by Robert Downey, who plays a completely crazy hero. As a kind of mad scientist, he impresses us by his ability to adapt but especially let us escape a few smiles thanks to his black humor .
More recently, we have discovered on Deadpool the character on the big screen. Nobody can really describe him: mad, psychopath, completely sick but nevertheless very endearing!
So, if you don’t necessarily hang on to their super powers you will inevitably like their offbeat humours.

And since no one gets tired of these characters, Marvel makes us a « small » surprise by unveiling the next 7 movies that will go out to the cinema.
We don’t make you wait any longer and we quietly let you discover their incredible selection:

Stand up, we cheer the guardians of galaxy 2! You don’t dream, they return on May 5, 2017 for a whole new adventure in the four corners of the galaxy …
The second Marvel in the list is « Thor: Ragnarok », the beautiful blond with the big hammers keeps us dreaming with the pretty Natalie Portman and reappears on Earth July 28, 2017.
Black Panther, which we discreetly saw in the last Avengers, will appear, this time, in a very concrete way on our screens, November 3, 2017. Put on your best panther costume and stand ready for a show Wild!
And since we love the Avengers, the directors couldn’t make them disappear from the traffic.So find our friends the superheroes May 4, 2018 under the name of « Avengers: InfinityWar part 1 ». It seems to me, that this title, suggests a continuation …
The fifth Marvel in competition will be Captain Marvel, not much information about this mysterious film. Apart from that the heroine would become Captain Marvel following a car accident. To find out more, visit July 6, 2018.
Big big scoop for this one: it’s « The inhumans » that will finally appear on our screens! Who are they ? A group of mutant humans trying to make their differences disappear, which are, on the contrary, other super heroes, hereditary powers … Let’s be patient because they will tell us their adventures only on November 2, 2018.
Finally, the Avengers are back, I had said that the previous one suggested a sequel. In short, it is on May 3, 2019 that « The Avengers: Infinity War part 2 », will come to save the world.

Before you can watch all these movies, put on your costume, eeh, your boxer Freegun with the image of the heroes Marvel!