Be careful, the aliens invade Earth!

Pixels, arcade game, flash colors, aliens and destructive cannons. All this must remind you of something
The geeks will have understood : Space Invaders is arrived at Freegun!

But what it is?
It’s a game that first appeared in 1978, on arcade terminal. The designer, Tomohiro Nishikado, conceived a virtual world where aliens attack our dear planet Earth. To defend themselves, the only solution is to make them explode. For that, we have in the hands of laser canons! The only possibility is to move vertically. The rules are simple and everyone, without exceptions, adhere to the world of Space Invaders.

We can even say that, like Pac-Man, Space Invaders quickly became a huge popular success. In 2007, its designer announces the figures: 500 million dollars of recipe, since its creation!

When we said that everyone was adhering to the game, the numbers speak for themselves …
Today, the arcades having disappeared, one can find Space Invaders, on the platforms of online games. In 2005, in Japan, we also found the game on Playstation 2. Currently and for more than 30 years the game is still known is recognized.

Space Invaders is a worldwide success, thanks to its ease of understanding. But gambling isn’t the only factor of success. Indeed, the design of extraterrestrials has become the visual identity of the world of video games.

That’s why Freegun, decided to pay tribute to the virtual world by creating a whole range of boxers, in collaboration with Space Invaders!

You have heard, our friends the aliens, go from your screens to your boxers!

Discover the full range dedicated to Space Invaders.

And above all … play without moderation!