Spring is arrived !

Spring is the definition of flowers, sun and good mood.
To celebrate this season, Freegun offers you a range of boxers full of colors : The Ultra Kolorz.

But what is the Ultra Kolorz ? It’s a range of boxers tone on tone with full colors filled with pep and good mood !
All these boxers are available so that you can create a matching outfit from head to toe.

Moreover, colors can define different things according to religion, culture or feelings. For example, in France, red is a color very ambiguous, can be represent love but also anger. But you knew it! Little devils are always red, however during Valentine’s day, everybody offers red roses to prouve their love.
An other example with blue, it corresponds to serenity, wisdom and dream.

Anyway, you will understand, the Ultra Kolorz Freegun can be as much to suit your dress as your mood !