Discover the KTM collection!

This time we find you for the launch of the KTM range and for that, what better than to discover their universe?

KTM was born in 1934 in a small town in Austria in a locksmith’s workshop. The small company will quickly grow and become one of Austria’s most famous repair shops!

After more than twenty years of existence and thanks to its great success, the company is engaged in mass production of a motorbike (The R100, light motorbike with a Rotax 2-stroke engine of 98 cm)! After the success of this first production, KTM forgets its repair shop to concentrate on motorcycles! Then why KTM? It’s simply an abbreviation for Kronreif und Trukenpolz, Mattighoffen, in other words Hans Trunkenpolz and the name of his new engineer Ernst Kronreif, chose carefully to begin this new adventure.

Over the years, the models will multiply and the participation in the competitions also. It will be noted that KTM gets the gold medal at its first participation, at the Six Days International in 1956! This will only be the beginning of a great success. Indeed, KTM appears today as one of the best brand in the world of motorcycle!

In short, the brand is now a pioneer brand in its sector, making it possible to experience somewhat stronger sensations every day. Whether amateurs or professionals, everyone take advantage of the dynamism of KTM.

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