When you are told lollipops and you are asked what is the first brand that comes to mind, you answer necessarily? « CHUPA CHUPS »!

Whether in mini, mega, giant, tangy or sweet, everyone will find a CHUPA CHUPS that resembles him.
The pacifier known worldwide has a beautiful story full of twists and turns

First, it was Enric Bernat who had the incredible idea of creating candy containing a small stick. But why ? Well, it’s very simple, children ate candy with fingers, so they had it everywhere for the greatest misfortune of the parents and the greatest happiness of the laundry brand … Enric decides to create a candy which no longer dirty hands and what a good idea, what a brilliant invention!
Today everyone loves CHUPA CHUPS as much to their liking as to their form.

Speaking of shape do you know who drew its logo?
This is Salvador Dali! Yes, the famous artist with multiple talents, including sculpture, painting and even the engraving that designed the famous logo.
A yellow daisy which is the flower used to seduce her neighbor. Today, its logo is recognized throughout the world!

With CHUPA CHUPS, it’s fun and games! The advertisements of the brand, show very well this universe that make us want to fall back in childhood and then it is also a little bit the case in their video, we let you discover them, here: http://chupachups.fr/

Since its creation in 1958, the brand is still as young and dynamic! It evolves with its time and offers us tastes always more surprising, spicy and tender. There are of course the exotic lollies, the Cola flavor, the XXL which contain a chew-gum and not forgetting the milk-flavored ones that offer a delicious impression of eating ice cream … I’m sure we put you mouth watering.

To accentuate your cravings for sweets, CHUPA CHUPS and Freegun have decided to offer you a new range of lollipops: the CHUPAS CHUPS boxers!
Although these are not edible, they are beautiful, soft, easy to wear and super stylish.

Because you know that you like the choice, Freegun offers you a wide range of boxers to taste CHUPA CHUPS.
We let you discover them in detail, right there, below:

And do not forget to enjoy, eat, dance, ride, and especially consume Freegun without moderation!