A big novelty has just arrived at Freegun!

Warning, this is not just any. This is a revolution for your daily life.
Although one of your first daily gestures is with Freegun. Yes, every morning you put on your boxer to go to class, to go play, to rest, briefly Freegun accompanies you every day.

We also know that before putting on a boxer and especially before that, you surely take a shower (surely). This moment of well-being and freshness is one of the best moments of the morning.
And since Freegun accompanies you all day in your greatest moments of fun. We also wanted to be present in one of your best moments.
We have therefore created especially for you a whole range of shower gel! You don’t dream, you can wash yourself in the colors of Freegun!

Three types of shower gel are available:
The Neverstop, the ideal shower gel to surpass you all day. With a scent of citrus and cedar, you’ll have everything you need to exceed your expectations!
Army of love, if you are a drag specialist (or not), Freegun offers you a scent with explosive notes of spices and sexy vanilla. Now, we are sure, the girl you loved, will fall in love with you, with that smell!
And finally we have the shower gel « We want you », with tonic fragrance and notes of bergamot. The perfect perfume for a fun daily and full of novelties!

Now that you know all our shower gel ranges, you will have to choose according to your personality and according to your desires of the moment. And then, if you are, sportsmen, dredgers but you are also fun, do not choose, take the three!

It doesn’t end there, since Freegun still reserves you a surprise.
This time, it’s a whole range of perfumes! From now on, you can spray yourself with Freegun perfumes, to spend an even more crazy day.

And you will tell me but where can you find these little wonders? Well, it’s very simple shower gels and Freegun fragrances will be exclusive at Carrefour!

We wish you a nice day with Freegun 😉