FREEGUN arround the world

Find the best sportswear brand in 26 countries !

Motion Maker

FREEGUN is one of the most creative brands, producing videos all the year who reach a lot of views

The FREEGUN community

With more than one million of followers, FREEGUN is one of the biggests sportswear and lifestyle community

Partner of your dreams

Today, FREEGUN is the partner and official sponsor of worldwide events.
We developed an awesome PRO TEAM of riders, experts in their chosen sports such as BMX and MOUNTAIN-BIKING, SKATEBOARDING, MX, STUNT, DRIFT and SURFING.

Is this you?

A Freegunner is a maverick, who’s down with urban style, music, extreme sports, connecting and sharing through social media, but most of all living life to the fullest.
A Freegunner who joins our tribe connects to our purpose as a brand as a means to express their inner FREEGUN.

There is no place you can't ride"

Switch Riders, FREEGUN sponsored riders

Life is too short, be bold. Show your true colors. Wear...FREEGUN

Alexandre Soles, Artistic Director

Live it, feel it, be who you are, never stop!

Benjamin Caillaud, Marketing Director