Are you a big fan of the Justice League?
So here it’s it happens!

As you know, the release of the next blockbuster Justice League, will take time to arrive in our cinemas.

Given that Freegun is super sympathetic and compassionate, we decided to make you wait in the best possible conditions.

To get you back in the bath, a year ago, practically day to day, go out « Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice ». In this feature, we were able to follow the story of the bat with super power and its enemy alien extraterrestrial kryptonite.
History, therefore, wanted them adversaries; They are then seen waging war during almost the entire film.
Of course, as they deal with their small super-ego problems, a threat is felt … As you will surely see, we don’t risk spoiler, the two enemies end up rebabbing to Save the city and the world, once again!

In short, the director Zack Snyder, is now very patient, given that he announced the second opus of the saga, for next November.
And who says next November, says nine months of waiting! So everyone will agree that our patience has limits. It was therefore necessary and paramount to act on behalf of all fans of the Justice League.

We offer a range of boxers bearing the likeness of: Batman, Superman and even Flash, in order to make you wait in much better conditions.

Flash colors, it’s the case to say, a streewear effect with graphitis and of course the blase of our favorite heroes, are present on your future boxers.

In any case, you will have understood, this collection Justice League, it’s heavy and even very very heavy.