This year we wish the Bwaaalentine’s Day!

Couples or not, you will all fall in love with Raving Rabbids.

Their pretty faces are in the colors of Bwaalentine’s Day. Indeed, you will see the Raving Rabbids transformed into Cupid and equipped with arrows in the form of hearts. As much as to say, that Rabbids, in possession of Cupid’s arrows, can only give quite unexpected associations!

Here we are, so encircled by Rabbids who sing, cries, dance and especially who take themselves for the Cupids of Freegun.
Result: even the boxers had the right of your dreams.
If, though, hearts, red and Rabbids Rabbids, have invaded a whole range of Freegun boxers!

But whence comes this mania of saying soft words on the 14th of February?
Well, it was in the fourteenth century, in Great Britain that Valentine appeared. The British thought that the birds would come together that day to breed.
Humans had to be jealous of their love, decided that they would also celebrate lovers that day. Since, this tradition has been perpetuated and today it’s especially a day when gifts are offered to her darling to prove her love.

For February 14, at Freegun, we had, despite all this love, a slight concern …
Yes, the Raving Rabbids, shouted « BWAAAA! », making us understand that they too wanted to celebrate.
And for the occasion, they wanted to offer their favorite rabbit Freegun boxers.

Find all the Freegun boxers, stung by the arrows of the Rabbit Cupid.
And above all, joyful Bwaaaaalentine’s Day, to all!