The most famous pirates to moor his boat at Freegun!

A famous pirate ? Jack Sparow ? Black Beard ? Billy Jones ? None of them !

I give you an index : He’s one of the most famous pirates of the manga universe.
Great, you understood. He’s One Piece !

The biggest fans know who he is. But you, who didn’t read One Piece, I help you and I tell you his story.

To begin, One Piece is a series of Shōnen mangas created by Eiichirō Oda. Then in 1998, the manga is adapted to TV and is acquired by the Toei society.
A lot of derivatives are produced. Among them, we can find novels, telefilm, figurines, video games but also in exclusivity at Freegun: One Piece boxer!

Beyond its immense success, One Piece is the best-selling and most read manga in the world!

So that you understand in which universe is One Piece, we will immerse you in its history…

One Piece recounts the adventures of a pirate crew having Captain Monkey D. Luffy whose dream is to become the king of pirates. For this he will have to find the One Piece, a treasure that belonged to the lord of the pirates executed more than twenty years ago.
In the course of their adventures, Luffy and his crew will make many encounters that will strengthen their friendship and expand their crews. But they will have to confront the pirate crews advocating violence and powers, as well as the Navy and its soldiers, guarantors of justice.

To spice up the story, the author chose to give powers to the young hero : a fruit of the demon that Luffy ate and which gave him an unusual flexibility… But that’s not all. The famous pirate also inherited a bad fate. Luffy loses all its forces when immersed in sea water and for a pirate isn’t practical.

Speaking of water, the world of Luffy is essentially marine. There are four ocean and one continent in this planet!

Now that you have mouth-watering and it’s the case to say it… I invite you to discover the real One Piece story, read these stories or look at them! And to be comfortably installed, we offer you a range of One Piece boxer!

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