With a new season comes a new sport and a new athlete!

This year Freegun becomes involved in ‘scootering’ with their new protégé  Arnaud Marchenoir known as ‘Warneup.’

This is a short interview to talk about his early days and his character……


Hi Arnaud, could you introduce yourself?

I am called Arnaud Marchenoir but I am also known as Warneup. I am twenty-one and I live in Lyon in France.


How did you get in to ‘scootering’?

I began ‘scootering’ with a mate when I was fourteen, I was still at school….

The sport was still in its infancy, we could combine the tricks of skate-boarding and BMX. It straight way became an obsession with me.

I pushed my ability to the limit and started making videos online.

When I finished school I started working for one of my sponsors to developer my technique and increase my involvement in the sport.

I worked for them for eighteen months but from now on I intend to turn towards more personal projects.


Your best stunts?

I have become more focussed on technical riding in basic combo and I love to use my scooter in every possible way.

Just using my imagination.

I think the tricks I am happiest with are the Frontflip Flat or Whip, the 720 Briflip Manual to Backflip 180 Manual and the Broadslide down 14 steps in the street with a leg over the handlebars!

PS : it’s up to you to search on the Internet for illustrations of these tricks….


What are you expecting from Freegun this season?

Freegun make very good clothes and I would like Freegun to support me in projects related to my riding, where I could through my experience and my public image bring visibility to the brand.

It’s great to associate Freegun with the image of freestyle scootering because the sport is really booming and I am really proud to represent a brand like Freegun in this environment…..


Good luck to you!