The Freegun team doesn’t stop growing, forever looking for new  athletes and new sports !

And with that,  it was through both the skateboard and surfing that  Yvan PETITEAU was found the latest star of the boards

Hi Yvan, Can you introduce yourself ?

« My name is Yvan Petiteau, I’m 15, I live in Sausset-les-Pins a small town near Marseille.

I’m in year 11, next year I’ll be in my first year of my bac ES (which is like A levels), I am passionate about surfing and skateboarding. »

At what age did you start surfing and skateboarding ?

« I started surfing a little bit before skateboarding, when I was 9 years old, at the Reunion Island, where I lived for a year.

And when I returned  to Sausset when I was  10 I started skateboarding, whilst still surfing.

What are your best tricks?

« In surfing my best tricks are my carves but I love doing  tubes and in skate I think my best trick is my air back side. »

(For the demo, we leave it up to you to look on the internet)

What does Freegun add to you?

Freegun can bring me, I think, a fairly large media coverage, material support and makes me want to challenge myself, to give the best of myself !

Something else ?

If I had to say one thing it would be a great thank you to the Freegun team for believing in me and thank you for what they have done for me.

With pleasure Yvan, we all count on you !